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Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm going to post this blog and link it to our website. It's another way for me to get some ideas out in a non-formal, unstructured way, and possible generate some additional thought, conversation and maybe even some action on a few things.

I started this today because of some news of the last two days that really has me at my wits end.

Ok, so I really am at my wits end (did I say that already?) about how to get the powers that be (Police, fire, Public Safety Directors, State Homeland Security folks!) to respond to some things we all already know is true. This morning I heard on the news that the FBI has told some police departments that terrorists may want to use fuel trucks as bombs in some major cities.

California has been attempting to pass a bill that would require all trucks carrying hazardous material to be monitored and possess the ability to be controlled remotely. Of course the trucking industry in CA is fighting this because they think it will cost them too much.

Along with our strategic Partner S3 we can make the use of fuel trucks as weapons practically impossible, for an initial cost of about $5,000 and $600 per year, per truck.

Recently: I filled up my truck from about empty, that cost me $70!; The oil companies announced earnings for the quarter, ExxonMobil made $7.6 BILLION for the quarter. The best 2nd quarter ever by the company. BP's stock price has jumped by more 10% in just 3 months. I don't know how many trucks ExxonMobil has but lets just say 5000 for arguments sake. The cost of protecting every citizen in the US from getting blown up by one of those trucks would be $25 Million in initial costs and then $3 Million per year...Those are rounding errors on the ExxonMobil financial statements.

And we've been told that the trucking industry won't do anything until something catastrophic happens! Does anyone else think this is a little insane?